09 May 2022   |   Event Catering

How to decide the Right Portion sizes for Your Event

Before organising an event, you'll probably have a lot of queries, such as how much food should I order? What if I order more and end up with additional food in boxes? What if I order less items and the visitors don't eat enough?

When it comes to ordering food for your event, there are various aspects to consider, like budget, meal type, cuisine, dietary restrictions, portion sizes, and culinary style, among others. As the host, make sure that all of your visitors have a good time.

There are a number of boxes to check. Finding the appropriate food servings for an event may be time-consuming and exhausting. You can relax, though, if you engage with a reputable outdoor event catering business.

Here is a guide to help you decide the right portion sizes for your upcoming event.

Always Try to Round-Up

The golden rule of event catering is to always round up. It is preferable to prepare additional meals rather than risk running out of food. For example, if your guest list calls for 50 individuals, purchase for 55 or 60 since you never know who may show up with a friend or family member. 

Style of the Event Determines the Food Required

A longer-duration gathering will need more food. A wedding banquet, for example, will need more food than a corporate conference.

A gathering where people are seated for a leisurely meal necessitates more food. Guests who are on their feet, on the other hand, require less nourishment. For these gatherings, choose fewer main meals and more appetisers and snacks.

Portion Sizes

When it comes to Indian celebrations, plenty of bread — roti, naan, parathas, and so on – is essential. Also, enough rice should be offered because visitors prefer to eat more of these meals.

Furthermore, the sort of cuisine you offer has a significant impact on portion sizes. Light options, such as tiny plates and continental, will require additional servings because they are not filling. Heavier cuisines, such as Indian, on the other hand, tend to swiftly fill up visitors. If you're planning to serve these dishes, consider reducing the portion amounts.

Soups, salads, and appetisers can also be served in smaller portions because most people avoid them.

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